Supernatural (2013) Season 9 Episode 7 : Bad Boys at ACGTUBE

Supernatural (2013) Season 9 Episode 7 : Bad Boys

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Dean gets a call from Sonny (played by Blake Gibbons), an old friend who runs a reform school in Hurleyville, New York, asking for his help when a man is mysteriously killed at the school. Sam learns that Dean (played by Dylan Everett in flashbacks) spent two months at the school in 1995 after he got caught stealing food.

Instead of it being a hard time for Dean, he enjoyed it and flourished, along the way having his first romance with a girl named Robin (played by Sarah Desjardins). On the night of a school dance, Dean’s father returned to collect him and, despite Sonny’s offer to let him stay permanently, Dean elects to leave to reunite with Sam (played by Hunter Dillon).

In the present, Dean meets up with Robin (played by Erin Karpluk) again, though she initially pretends not to recognize him out of hurt that he had abandoned her without a word back then. They eventually patch things up.

Sam and Dean go to the reform school, where they talk with a boy named Timmy (played by Sean Michael Kyer), whose mother (played by Alika Autran when disfigured from her death and by Jen Oleksiuk when normal) is a ghost who has been protecting him from perceived threats at the cost of going murderously insane from being tied to Earth. She tries to kill Sam, Dean, and Robin, but is stopped by Timmy with Dean’s encouragement. Timmy tells his mother to move on and she listens to her son, returning to her normal self as she departs.

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Supernatural (2013) Season 9 Episode 7 : Bad Boys at ACGTUBE

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