Hope Lost (2015)

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Hope Lost 2015 BluRay 720p x264
Movie revolves around Sofia who is a Romanian girl with passion for acting. A chance meeting with Gabriel (Andrey Chernyshov) at a club spurs her ambitions as Gabriel claims to be a producer who needed fresh faces for his upcoming reality shows.

He says that Sofia has the kind of face and smile that can win every contest on television. His pampering works and she instantly leaves her family to accompany Gabriel to Italy.

Both travel to Rome in the car and spend a night at a hotel. In the morning, a pimp appears in the room and informs that Gabriel had sold her for a huge amount. Now she is threatened into working as a prostitute on the streets.

Her miserable life faces another shock by the arrival of Ettore (Daniel Baldwin) who is looking for a girl that may be consumed in filming a snuff movie. The buyer of the girl is known for his sadistic attitude and barbaric treatment of the girls. What kind of future fate has in store for this charming girl?

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    Hope Lost (2015)

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